foxbody 8.8 rear end swap questions.

the nitro man

Amateur Racer
Jan 8, 2006
greeneville, tn
it's been a while sense i've been on here. i sold my 406 car & the wife's ss got stolen.

i bought another 85 ss & i'm building a nice 383 sbc & 400 turbo & i need a rear end. i'm thinking of going with an explorer rear & doing the two short side axles, but then there is the fox body that will damn near bolt right in. i'm pretty sure the hole in the mount for the lower control arms are about an inch forward compared to the factory gm location, & the uppers will need to be adjustable with the box's put in the frame to get the instant center corrected. but what about wheels? i would have the axles drilled for gm bolt pattern, but what kind of back spacing would be needed to tuck a 275/60-15? just how much trouble is this going to be? is it as easy as everyone says? what about the cost factor? keep in mind i'm a welder/fabricator. so if i was to use the explorer rear end i would have to fab a truss system for the upper control arm mounts & put the lower brackets on. i would end up with about $300 bucks in it with a posi, 3.73 gears & 31 spline axles. the fox body rear end install kit costs more than that, but is it worth it?