frame notch questions

the nitro man

Amateur Racer
Jan 8, 2006
greeneville, tn
i've been gone for a while, i sold my 406 car, my wifes monte that i was going to build to replace the 406 car got stolen, so i had to buy another one. i bought another 85 ss & i built a new 383 stroker & a th400 for it & now i'm thinking of a frame notch & maybe a mini tub. i want to run a 15" 10" wide wheel and a big xxxx tire, but i'm not sure how big i can go. if i just notch the frame over to the factory wheel well, how big can i go? can i get a 10" wheel & a 295/65-15 to fit or would i have to cut it all the way to the back side of the frame & put tubing on the backside of the frame, how big can i go? i want the tire tucked & i don't want to worry about it rubbing & i may lower the rear a couple inches & the front about the same. i'm not concerned about any wheels bigger than 15's, i want a pro street look. any info would be appreciated & picture would help tremendously. thanks everyone.

Ed Cannon

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Jul 17, 2009
Johnson City Tn
I have a 29.5 x 10.5 Hoosier slicks mounted on 10" rims. With a max frame notch and stock wheels tubs Had to clearance the tubs at the bottom corners. No rubbing and about an inch into the wheel well. That is a 30.5 inches tall and 11 inch tread width tire and is at least equal to or slightly bigger than a 315 tire. I see you live just down the road from me in GreenEville! My buddy did the notch at Gypsy garage in Johnson City. Let me know if you need a hook up. Or your welcome to come look at mine. Lousy picture but the only one I have.