UMI Releases New Product: Rear Frame Notch for the G-Body

UMI Performance

Amateur Racer
Oct 5, 2005
Bigler, Pa
Rear Frame Notch Kit for the 1978-1988 GM G-Body
P/N 3061
Priced at $109.99/kit

UMI Performance, Inc. is pleased to announce the availability of our 1978-1988 G-body frame notch kit. This kit allows for narrowing the rear upper frame rails on the G-body for installation of a wider tire. Laser cut 1/8” premium steel follows the frame contour (with some intentional slight overhang) and is easily weldable with a standard Mig welder. End enlcosures are included to span from the repair to the original frame. Cutting, welding and fabrication is required. This kit is designed, manufactured and raced out of Philipsburg, PA-USA.


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