gettin a stock susp to hook with low ride height on x275


Dragway Regular
May 25, 2003
abbotsford bc canada
Car is far from being together so Im really just asking these questions in advance to see if Im going to have future issues.

Ive included a pic below of the ride height with it on a 275/40/17 and will be going with a 275/60/15 and would like to drop the car a bit more too. All stock suspension. Adjustable uppers and lowers. Stock width rear. Frame is will have a tall set of tubs soon too. Coilovers front and rear but unsure which brand of shocks as of yet.

Ive heard these cars hook best with the lowers at a near parallel angle to the ground but Im pretty sure Ill be lower than that and theyll be at a bit of an upward angle.

Is this too low to hook? Is there anything I could do to make the car hook with the same ride height? Do I need double adj shocks front and rear or could I get away with singles?


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