I want to move the lower of my rear shocks inward 82 wagon


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May 19, 2019
Are there any relocation brackets out there to move the bottom of my rear shocks inward?
Frame has been notched. for bigger boots. I want to move the lower of my rear shocks inward 82 wagon


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Jan 15, 2005
Dallas Tx
Re: I want to move the lower of my rear shocks inward 82 wag

I did relocation brackets for a 70 Elco similar to what you're asking about. I utilized the original shock bracket lower hole & a 2nd hole that was higher up on the bracket as the mounting bolt locations for a plate that had a new shock bolt moved in-board. After I opened up the 2nd/upper hole to 3/8", I simply bolted the flat plate to the existing rear end bracket. The shock then bolted to the stud that was relocated on the new plate.

Took about 1hr. to draw up a cardboard template, cut & trim the 1/4" steel plate, & bolt everything together. It allowed me to run a 15x10 Rally w/6" of back spacing. With a 2-door G-body that has a modified/narrowed rail, I know a 20x10 6"BS wheel fit doing a similar bracket.
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