8.8 Swap Lower Controll Arms


New Member
Jul 30, 2016
Florence, AL
Can someone who has put an 8.8 under their car tell me what the final length of their lower control arms was. (Measured from center of bolt hole to center of bolt hole.) I used the trick chassis swap kit but I am too broke to buy the double adjustable lowers. The guy at trick chassis was no help since I didn't buy his lowers so I need some tips from yall. Some people say to add length and others shortened them. What worked for you?


Daily Driver
Jul 23, 2014
Fraser, MI
When I swapped the 8.8 in my car, I was trying to do it on the cheap so I used the stock lower arms just boxed them. It has worked well for the past few years. The wheel is centered in the wheel well too. For what its worth I have the trick chassis upper arms and brackets also.