msd pro billet corrosion


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Jan 17, 2012
chicago, IL
so i had a clicking / grinding noise yesterday while doing some garage run time, coming from the rear of the motor. fearing it was a bearing, i shut it down immediately and pulled the valve covers, just to see what i could see while my brother cranked it over. i come to find that it was not a bearing (thank fkn god!) but rather it was coming from the distibutor. i pulled the cap only to find that it was all rusted inside! the noise was from the little carbon "ball" that connects the rotor to the coil imput. it fell out right to the ground. i need a cap and rotor now, but i cant believe the rust on all the little parts in there! anyone else have this problem!? its the 85551 pro billet, all msd components, digital 6 box, master blaster coil, 8.5 spiral wound wires all on my brand new bbc. the car is in a heated garage never seen rain or water, its a mostly drag car anways.

i called MSD and the guy i talked to was a total dik head. he first told me thats what you get for living in a costal community, and when i told him im in fkn chicago, he used another excuse. he went on to say it was my fault for not periodically taking the cap off, and when i told him i take the cap off about once a month, he finished with "we make thousands of those, so some of them are just not going to be perfect." he said it gets hot in there and it just happens. so instead of sending it back, im going to clean it up and replace the cap and rotor. anyone have any preventative sugestions i could try to keep it from rusting out again? it has the cap with the vent on it already. its too bad that MSD sht is so good, otherwise id go with somthing else!

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May 15, 2004
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Spray all the metal stuff with Wurth Rostoff, then wipe off the excess. Done. No more rust.



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Jul 1, 2009
i had the same problem! i never had that problem with my hei and for that much money and the agravation i should of stayed with it.

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Jun 10, 2011
Mineral Wells, Texas
I've seen this happen before. Contactor cleaner usually works well