qa1 rear coils

Norm Peterson

Amateur Racer
Oct 18, 2003
state of confusion
Thinking on it some more, I don't think it's a good idea. You probably can't get the cut end to sit flat in the seat, and given that C/O springs are not as stable as big springs that's a problem.

Spring stability in general matters especially once the axle seats start rotating (this tends to c*ck the spring/make it bow in the middle). Axle rotation happens when you adjust pinion angle and as the suspension moves.

That's separate from the possibility of cutting them so short they fall out with the shocks installed and the rear suspension at full droop.

I'd look at shorter springs in the same rate and maybe consider shimming as a method of fine-tuning ride height.



Amateur Racer
Jul 10, 2007
i had the same prob i cut it then put it in a bucket of ice up to the coil heated it up and bent it to it was nice and flat now they are 12 130 i got them for free or i would have just got the rite ones