Speedway Motors Tubular Upper A-Arms v Stock Upper A-Arms


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Jun 8, 2004
Houston, TX
Just an FYI.

I bought a pair of Speedway Motors front upper a-arms. These are chromoly tubing with aluminum cross shafts. Part number for both right and left side a-arms are 91034393-R.

Speedway motors a-arms have no travel stops built in like the stock a-arms, but you loose about 4.5 lbs per side (roughly 9 lbs total) with these a-arms. The weight comparison included both a-arms having ball joints already installed.

8.7 lb - Stock A-arm weight
4.2 lb - Speedway Motors A-arm part# 91034393-R weight

These cross shafts have zerk fitting to lubricate the solid bushings.

There is also a little more clearance above cross shaft versus the stock control arms which may help in header or down pipe clearance.

Here is a link with another person using them on an S10.

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