What kinda MPGs witha stock 3.8 2v? UPDATED


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Mar 9, 2009
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Re: What kinda MPGs witha stock 3.8 2v?

Well.....just for reference I had an 81 g-body in college with that engine. The rear gears were something in the 2.90 range and I kept it under 70. MPG was about 18 or so if I remeber correctly. Lots of variables though in these age of cars.


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Re: What kinda MPGs witha stock 3.8 2v?

Ran the codes , this has a 2.41 rear . The trans upshifts way early so she is a dog in drive.

Tried just leaving it second and feels pretty good, engine is in it's power band.

Does not feel likes it's revving cruising at 45.


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Oct 21, 2007
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Re: What kinda MPGs witha stock 3.8 2v?

2:41 would have been my first guess.

I would expect the rated mpg was about 20/24. Have you been able to find any documentation citing original mpg ratings for the car?


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Mar 22, 2005
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Re: What kinda MPGs witha stock 3.8 2v?

My longroof had 2:73's from the factory.

Was a pretty good gear for the 3.8 buick V6.

I put 3:42's in it and while it woke it up, it was way to tight at highway speeds with a turbo 350 transmission. Overdrive or a lock up convertor would been a great thing to have.
Put some 255-60-15's on it and took a few rpm out of it.

If you do nothing but city driving, 3:42's would be cool.



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Re: What kinda MPGs witha stock 3.8 2v?

Finally got my 85 Bonnie inspected and on the road.
Ran a tank of gas threw before started keeping track of MPG , had to fix the trans etc.
Anyway , getting a hair under 17 mpg.
That is suburban, drive to work, driving, rarely sees over 50 mph. Did get the a/c working and used that 1/2 the time.
What are you other 3.8 V6 guys getting?


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Sep 18, 2005
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The last time I checked, Darwin's anything but stock 4.3 was getting 16-18mpg in mixed driving even with a leaky 4160 and 2.41 gears.

Her best mpg was recorded during my only major road trip back when she had 2.73 gears, a Comp 252H camshaft and a freshly rejetted Holley. I saw mileage in the low 20s running 65-70mph with the windows up and the AC running. My best mileage was 24mpg at 65mph


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May 21, 2012
Canton, GA
when my el camino still had the chevy 3.8 I got 21mpg's on on the highway going 55. It had a rebuilt 229 with all the emissions equipment removed, a th350 and I'm pretty sure 2.73 gears
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