dialing in viking shocks to hook on street


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Nov 8, 2008
North fond du lac wi
I'm looking to set my grand national up to hook on street. I have umi rear uppers and lowers with heim, roto joints, still use poly in housing. Pinion angle is set at -1.5. Up front I am running all umi arms also with poly bushings. I am running viking shocks with double adjustable compression and rebound. Front is a 450 coil setup spring . Rear I have a trz adjustable mount with 150# 12 inch long spring in stock location. Car is full weight no , on a 28 x10 mickey sr radial ,15 x8 wheels.
At the moment I am trying to hook it on this sr tire, problem is leaving at anything more the 2 psi tires roll 3 gears. I put the shocks at 14 compression and 6 rebound on rear. On front I set to vikings starting point. Even a 20 mph roll it comes into boost and rolls them and car steps out alil but continues to push forward. Im still running front sway bar, and have a rear h and r roll bar out back. I ordered a set of mickey new ss drag radials but not sure when backorder will be here.
So im trying to get car with these tires to hook open to suggestions.

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Jan 6, 2009
That sounds backwards on the rear shocks If you are running 14compression and 6 rebound.
If your 600HP or less try 0-4 compression and 4-10 rebound on the rear shocks.
Front should be between 12-18 compression and 0-4 rebound.


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