drivetrain help turbo 400


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Jul 27, 2008
have an 8.5 rear for my mailbu/along wiith the driveshaft....the rear & shaft came out of a car with aturbo 350 trans...can someone tell me what size front yoke I need to use this shaft with my turbo 400 trans..


Jul 6, 2003
Socialist NY
Depends on what 400 you have.

There are 2 different car size tailshafts both same spline but the thickness is different.

So the yoke thickness can be different as well.

I do believe splicer makes a seal so that you can use the smaller 400 car yoke in the larger hole tailshaft though

Best to grab the yoke that was in the 400 if you can


Pro Stocker
Jul 27, 2008
thanks Turna for your reply...I do believe this a short tail 400 & I got this trens a coulpe years ago and no yoke or shaft was with it
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