ford 8.8 or s 10 8.5 rear end questions


Daily Driver
Jan 29, 2008
south western pa
I have read about the 8.8's fitting in g body cars but will an s 10 rear fit (width wise anyway)? I found a wrecked ZR 2 S10 rearend that is an 8.5 with disc brakes. If i have to weld to a ford rearend couldn't i fab brackets for the S 10 for the controlarms


It would be near impossible to weld the upper ears on the cast iron housing.


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Aug 10, 2005
Richfield, Oh
I know guys that do it all the time. Takes preheating the cast housing in the area where you are weld to cherry red hot then use high nickel rod. BUT AGAIN this is left to someone that welds alot and is familiar with the flow of metals and knows what a good weld looks like when mixed with cast. Touchy but for some guys shrug of the shoulders and away they weld. :)

Take care, Jim Gear

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