Front end travel limiters


Daily Driver
Jun 25, 2012
Paris, Illinois
This question is for my 1980 Malibu bracket race BBC big tire ladder bar car.

I have aftermarket race type tubular A arms with normal snubbers on the upper arms. I would like to make the travel adjustable. Now it has 5" of travel and pulls the front end up about 8" on the leave. I don't find any rubber snubbers long enough to do this. The hole for the snubber in the A arm is 3/8" size.

I would rather make or buy something that mounts to the frame that will stop the snubbers sooner in the travel. I could make a flat weld on plate with threads in it and then add bolt on plates to make adjustments.

Figure someone here has a better idea.

This car does not have the forward tubes from the roll bar to the front frame, so cable limiters are not practical?


Ed Cannon

Pro Stocker
Jul 17, 2009
Johnson City Tn
Drill and tap snubber hole for a 1/2 bolt. Use a long grade 8 bolt as the stop, thread the bolt threw the old snubber hole and use a nut to lock it in place after you adjust it. I did this on my UMI uppers works like a charm.