How to Wire a Remote Solenoid

Ed Cannon

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Jul 17, 2009
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ImportThis said:
just fyi, the jumper wire from batt terminal to the kick-in terminal on the starter works great, but if you use a starter that uses magnets instead of field coils (PMGR) that setup will not work, or it will, but the starter will not last.. the magnetism inside the starter motor will cause the solenoid to keep itself engaged for 2-5 seconds after you let off the key.. when the bendix stays engaged with a running motor, the starters tend not to last very long..
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Mar 7, 2011
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That does move a solenoid up in the engine bay, I did it when I drag raced. The thing is though you are now useing two solenoids for what reason. Heat on starter???? If that lower solenoid goes out the top one will not start vehichle because you still running through the one on starter. The only thing the one on the fire wall or engine bay one is good for is if your by yourself and you need to start the car from the engine area or to bump it over. Other than that it does nothing special. Just a little insite. Gear

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