Malibu/El Camino Door Skins


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Jul 16, 2004
Central Jersey
Notice aftermarket door skins are available and was wondering if anyone tried them out. Think I seen someplace that Goodmark is selling them. They are made overseas.

Thanks for any responses.


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May 16, 2008
St. Cloud, Minnesota
Bought a set from Sherman a number of years ago. The way it looks they have gone up in price since then. The current Goodmark price is about what I paid Sherman back then. I'm sure they were overseas stamps but fit well. All my contours and body lines are spot on. I used their replacement door bottoms as well that fit well also. I also ordered a set of their front fenders that are still in storage in the event I need em someday. Trial fit was pretty good.

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May 29, 2003
Twin Cities, Minnesota
I bought a pair of the complete door shells from Rock Auto. They came from Sherman and have not put them on the car yet but the quality is very impressive. Fully e-coated and the gauging is correct. Believe I paid $395 a piece and they were able to ship them FedEx. Just something you may want to consider. Believe the shells and skins come from the same manufacturer, CHL???. Definitely overseas imported parts but most everything is these days.



Dragway Regular
Jul 16, 2004
Central Jersey
Thanks for adding the info about Sherman and about your input that they fit okay. Knew there was another supplier. or maybe another middleman and that there is only one (overseas) supplier?


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Sep 14, 2004
Rural Oklahoma
DonM, thanks for the info on rockauto, I buy lots of stuff there but didn't look to see the doors/skins before. Best price for them by far, and their truck frt charges are a lot better than the ebay sellers.
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