Non A/C Heater Box What Is Missing


Frequent Racer
Sep 20, 2007
Eastern Iowa
I am looking to buy a non a/c heater box for my 79 malibu. The heater assembly also came out of a 79 malibu. I was wondering what is missing. The seller says it is all complete. Does someone know if there are any items that are missing or not. The blower motor is also included but not in the pic.



Top Fueler
Jul 1, 2009
there should be a plastic screen of sorts on the top of that should have a blower motor resistor on the front located near the blower's a small circuit board that's screwed into the box held in by two screws,can't miss it.


Daily Driver
Jul 15, 2007
New Berlin, Wisconsin
The screen as mentioned above and another peice that screws below part of the screen that goes above the heater core. There should also be wiring from the heater control to the firewall where it can unplug and run to the blower motor. Otherwise appears complete.


Frequent Racer
Sep 20, 2007
Eastern Iowa
Thanks for the help. I just bought one. I think I am getting everything that is needed to do this conversion.


Top Fueler
Jun 5, 2003
North Port, Fl
dont forget the uner dash panel where the vent handles screw to


Pro Stocker
Mar 9, 2005
there are also some vent block offs for the two vents on the outside ends of the dash. You don't really need them but those vents no longer have duck work to them with a heat only set up.
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