Post your anti roll bar pics!


Frequent Racer
Feb 14, 2007
Manville, NJ
Great info from you all, I will keep up the research and work THANK YOU!!!!!!!!


Dragway Regular
Jan 26, 2006
Cleveland OH
trz bar thats been partially installed probably a year now #-o Still have to get the car at ride height set pinion angle and put the tabs on the housing. also has a ta cover and da lcas on it now.



Oct 18, 2012
Any opinons on the HR Parts ARB??? Would be interested in seeing more pics at least...

Really like the Idea of Bolt on..


Frequent Racer
Jun 8, 2009
New Jersey
On the HR parts arb do start by setting up the bar parallel to the ground? Or parallel to the lower arms? Thanx.

TRZ Motorsports

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Nov 8, 2005
Orlando, FL
Here is one of our Large Diameter 1 5/8" moly G-body ARB's installed in a customers car using our moly 9" housing.



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Oct 5, 2009
north judson indiana
Is hrpartsnstuff still in business?
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