Tips on replacing the grille on a 1983 Malibu


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Jul 19, 2011
Hey y'all,

I own a 1983 Malibu 4DR with a sorry radiator grille plagued with a gajillion holes and dents in it. I've been looking into replacing the grille and it looks like it's a relatively simple procedure. For reference, I consulted this '83 Malibu front end diagram:

According to this diagram, it seems as though there is just a few bolts and/or clips that must be removed in order for the grille to come off of the front end. This is just mere speculation on my part, however. Has anyone ever replaced the grille on their Malibu before? If so then could you offer me some insight into the job?

Thanks a billion! :D



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Jun 5, 2003
North Port, Fl
never done the newer ones, but probally held in the same way. Grab a 15 star bit and start removing the screws. If not screwed in it may have little plastic rivets that hold em' in. If thats the case you just pull the center of the plastc rivet outward, which would make it loosen up for removal Gear

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