Weird electrical gremlin-I haven't traced it down yet...


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Apr 5, 2005
I have an issue with my '81 Regal-when I turn on the headlights (either just parking or all the way -doesn't matter...) the gas gauge goes to empty, the entire instrument cluster goes to about 10% luminosity only and with the headlights actually on, the high beam headlights have a faint glow inside the filament even though they aren't on at all. I tried replacing the headlight switch thinking that would be too simple but that wasn't it anyway. Interior faintless of thebulbs is limited to the instrument cluster and as for the headlight issue, nothing else out of the oridnary. This car has 80K on it, is all original and there is no visible suspicions with regards to wiring. The factory wiring assembly manual offers no clue-I'm hoping somebody has had a similar problem. Thoughts? -Jabin


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Apr 25, 2004
80 miles west of Joliet IL.
I'm no expert, but maybe a ground problem? and it's trying to ground back through the high beam headlights.
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