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Looking for suggestions, websites, and forums

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Looking for suggestions, websites, and forums

Post by 7881bu » Sat Jun 15, 2019 4:20 pm

Hi to the MalibuRacing community.
Registered many years ago, but really didn't visit nor post much, sorry for that, but Im not really a racer, but rather just a guy that restored his grandma's old 2dr bu.
Seems that there a few people still on the forum, so I figured I would through it out there to all the knowledgeable gurus.
I'm looking to clear a small inventory of parts for 78-81 malibu that I have sitting around, and would hate to send this stuff to the dump, as it is so disheartening when I was looking for used parts in my area to rebuild, every wrecker I called ... ' We just crushed one or two of those last week ' :(

I will post them up here as well, once I reach the minimum posts to access classifieds.
But my question to all of you is,
Where else might I post these parts up to reach people that might be in need or interested to store them?

Some of the parts include;
- 1981 malibu complete dashboard, Brown, a few cracks on upper shelf and the upper level seems to be stained somehow a darker brown, but rest is great shape with no cracks. (includes low mileage instrument cluster, glove box, and under column trim panel.)
(*** Please let me know ... maybe it is not even worth keeping this to sell? maybe just take out the cluster and send the rest to the dump?)
- 1981 rear tail light assemblies, L and R - two broken tower mounts
- Washer fluid bottle, original
- Coolant bottle, original
- intake manifold gasket, felpro 1205, new in package, but aged.
- License plate holder and assembly
- trunk trim left and right of plate holder
- trim kit for Front and rear windows - condition ok
- Door paper liners, L and R, in pretty good condition considering age
- interior Door panels, L and R, upper and lower sections, original, white, good to fair condition respectfully
- Rear bench seat sections, lower and upper, white, original fair condition
- Rear chrome bumper (might not be feasible to ship anywhere)

Again thanks for any info, and cheers to all the A body, and G body guys out there !

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