Ford 8.8 swap....


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Apr 22, 2007
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8.8 swap

I will be one of the first guys with this kit from TRZ/Steel Concepts. I will post pics when I get it in my Bu. I can say Travis at SC is exited about this and is working hard to make this happen. Anyone in Phila/ NJ area can check it out in action at Atco when I'll be testing out the kit and taking some videos wheels-up for the guys on this site. After getting evrything tuned I will have the car at Cecil County, Englishtown and Epping NH for inspectionand some racing fun. I'll post dates once I receive kit. Travis is also gonna offer the rears complete(35 spline, big ends,spool etc.) I also know Steel Concepts is working on a rear dick brake option.


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May 25, 2003
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You need to make sure everyone knows what rear to get (Explorer, certain year Stang, etc.) so they don't go out buyong random rearends and finding they aren't the right one for the kit/setup when it finally comes out.


8.8 swap

This is really weird to see that others are trying the same swap. I am also in the process making a 8.8 swap for g-bodys. Really think its cool others are trying it. Mike Salkowski


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May 5, 2003
Moved this here to the Drivetrain FAQ forum. Normally, threads are pruned (deleted) after 1 year in other forums. This forum is not pruned, so it will be permanent here. Good info guys!
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