Radiator and mount

Jared Pennington

New Member
May 12, 2012
I have a 5.3 going in a '83 Malibu Wagon and I'm looking for the simplest solution on a radiator and mounting system. It will be EFI and I'll need room for the air intake. What is everyone using to solve this issue?

Kevin Williams

Amateur Racer
Aug 12, 2003
Stock V8 radiator for the g-body. It will install in the stock location. As for mounting you can use the factory shroud with trimming. That will give lots of room. I was able to find a radiator mounting plate from a turbo buick. That was years ago, good luck locating one.


Dragway Regular
Mar 10, 2008
Cincinnati, Ohio
One of the gbodies has a metal radiator top plate just can't remember what one. Think it was Olds or Pontiac

Jared Pennington

New Member
May 12, 2012
Thunder, I had a V6 in it. I'm assuming that a stock V8 replacement radiator will work? What mounting plate is yours off of?


Daily Driver
Dec 28, 2014
NE Ohio
My rad. is just a alum. V8 unit that was in the car before, I have a doulbe elc. fan set up and a ton of room between the rad and motor. I have 1 inch set back plates on the motor mounts, I am running a th400.
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