V6 to V8 Conversion


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May 5, 2003
V6 to V8 Conversion:

You will need the V8 motor mounts (both frame and motor side). You need to get the ones specifically for G-bodies. Some others will cause problems with height, offset, etc. They need to be put in the "FRONT MOST" holes on the frame. The mount will only use 3 bolts to secure it, if in the proper location. It is a pain to remove the old mounts, because the nuts on the frame mounts are inside the crossmember and are difficult to get a socket on. It can be done, it just takse patience.

Neil Cromwell furnished the following info:
A V8 swap is very easy to do. The only parts that I had to acquire when installing the 400 small block into my 80 was the proper motor mounts as well as the transmission crossmember. The V8 transmission crossmember is from Chevrolet, but I was able to find one in a local salvage yard. The front crossmember needs no modifications, as the frame has all of the holes predrilled for the multiple number of engine possibilties that the G-body platform could have. A V6 crossmember could probably be modfied by cutting the transmission mount pad and rewelding it in the proper location.

If anyone has pictures of this specific conversion they can send me, please email of PM me!