What did U do to your G-body today??


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Mar 6, 2014
Mountain Home Id
I started up the 78 Elk again today, just wanted to make sure everything was working like it's supposed to. I need to get time to run it on the road over 35 mph and check the torque converter lockup toggle switch and see if it'll work. The last time the Rostra Cruise control worked but the lockup torque converter switch didn't. When I pulled the fuse the wire clip broke so I put a new one on. The wire end didn't break until I pulled the fuse. It had worked great until I put the cruise control in. I'm going have to figure out what is going on, if it doesn't work this next time.


Daily Driver
Oct 17, 2021
Got the motor in the car this morning but no fire up, still have more to bolt on but ran out of time. Was hopeing to go back out on thursday to finish and fire it up but it looks like the wife has other plans. Maybe at the end of the month again i can get out.
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