Front tires hitting inner fender on outside


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Jun 11, 2006
Pump Gas Small BlockVille USA
2 inch drop spindles and moroso springs dropped front to right where I want, 1/2 inch from the rubber bumpers on lower a-arm, but tires hit the inner fender on the outside edge now. I really dont want to raise it has anyone came up with a way to do away with the fende support where it rounds off to meet the fender so you can roll the edge? I know I can cut and make a new inner fender this is not what I am looking for I woul like to have a stock look when done. Thanx

John N

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Feb 12, 2005
South Jersey
I ended up putting 1" spacers in after I wore holes through the plastic inner wells. You could notch out the plastic inner fender wells though. On the malibus they are metal behind and they should still be more than strong enough. Gear

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