Lets see your arsenal


Amateur Racer
Feb 3, 2007
Jacksonville, FLorida
I haven't posted here for a few years, so I guess I'll start with this one. Some of my concealed carry guns, the pink holstered Shield if my gf's. The 1911 is a older Para double stack with some Desert Storm and US Navy engravings.

XDS .45 , FNP FNX-45 , M&P9, M&P Shield (Pink holster)

A few AR-15;s and an AR-10. And a Remington 597 VTR .22. 2 of the AR's are old school Colt M-16A1 clones I built for my sons when they are of age, the others are carbines, one has a slidefire stock, which is a lot pf fun. I have a dozen or so Ar's and just can;t get enough of them.

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