Chevy Malibu / G-Body Tech

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Updated 1/31/2020

Moog Coil Spring Table – Cross-reference tables of Moog front and rear coil springs.
Instrument Cluster swap – Swap from idiot light cluster to gauges cluster.
Tremec TKO600 Installation – Thread on the forums, following a TK600 Installation.
7.5″ and  8.5″ 10 bolt rearend – How to tell the difference (picutures)
Aluminum Core Support  – Info and pictures for an aluminum support
Automatic Tranny Guide – Specifications and how-to ID most all GM auto transmissions.
BBC In Your G-Body Page – Info on big block chevy into your G-body.
Build 10 sec car on a budget – Patrick Budd’s article 
Canadian Classic Chevelle & Beaumonts Page. – VIN and option codes.
Coil Spring Cross-Reference Moog Coil Spring specs for Malibu, courtesy of Jeff Davidson
Crossmember Mod. Page – How to mod your stock crossmember for dual exhaust.
Ford 9″ Info – Everything you want to know but was afraid to ask (I did not write this!)…
Line Lock Installation instructions
LS1/T56 Swap page – John Bzdel’s Monte SS, Great info!
Malibu vs. Monte Carlo Gauge Cluster Wiring – Helpful if swapping to Dash Cluster
Manual Brake Block-Off Plate template – CAD template in PDF format
Manual Brake Conversion – How to convert to manual brakes.
Monte Carlo SS Site Tech Page  TONS of tech links!
Mortec, Inc. Great information site!  Casting #’s, engine specs, engine formula’s, etc.
Notch your frame rails for more tire clearance – How-to article
Oval Port vs. Rect. Port – BBC cylinder head info. 
Ray Buck’s Chevy Asylum – Excellent Tech section
Rear Axle Code Page
  – Find out what gears and if you have Posi.
Rearend Swap Tech Page – Info on other rearend swaps.
South Side Machine Installation Instructions – For #1328 kit (should apply to others)
Speedometer Gear selection – Another speedo correction tech page
Starter Solenoid Mod – Installing a Ford remote solenoid
T5 Transmission  into a 78-88 A/G Body by Marc Hichens
Transmission Swap Page  – What will fit and how to do it.
Wiring Diagrams – wiring diagrams for Malibu

Expired / 404 Links

The following links that were on this page were found to no longer be valid. If anyone has info on if they moved, or etc. please let me know.

12 bolt vs. Ford 9″ rear end comparison by Chevy High Performance
BBC Serpentine Conversion Cheap serpentine belt conversion by Matt
Brake Upgrade – Article on 12″ disc brake upgrade
Bucket Seat Installation on Perry’s Malibu North site.
Ford 9″ rear swap  Perry shows how to correctly install a Ford 9″ in his ‘Bu. Site for A/G body 
G-body Tire/Wheel Fitment
  – How big can you go?
Head Flow Database – Chevy High Performance Flow numbers for Chevy heads.
Nitrous Jet Map  pill sizes for different HP ratings
Speedometer Gear selection – What color/how many teeth to correct speedo error.
T5 Transmission  into the Monte Carlo SS by J. Matthew Daugher
T56 six speed in a G-body Thanks to Craig AKA 388BU
Transmission ID  How to ID transmission by the pan
Tuned Port Injection swap – How to convert to TPI

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