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Jul 11, 2003
Burleson TX
t5montecarlo said:
That Lokar boot looks like the one that came stock in a Monza.

Are you able to make the box shorter, then put a sheet metal plate on top with a small hole and use a smaller boot and trim ring? (just my opinion, and more like they way GM did it with the T50 Cutlass)

I had a shifter about that short in my wagon and hated it quickly; it was too far to reach. I had to put a longer one. How is the reach on your short shifter?

I barely have to take my right shoulder off the seat to reach it. It's right next to my knee so it's not bad at all.
My plan was to make a top of my little "console", there just isn't one on my mock up yet. I got the metal pieces cut out, and just need to do a final tiny bit of trimming, and then I'll weld it up. Once it's welded I'll cut out out a top, and mount a trip ring. Gear

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